As part of the ever-changing internet industry, we at Comoyo are totally dependent on having fresh ideas and new thinking for solving the problems we’re facing. And we think that there few better ways get that kind of impulses than to involve students in our daily work. We currently have 4 students working part-time besides their studies, and we’re now hiring summer interns for 2013 - you can apply here

This summer we had 9 summer interns, and they worked on a variety of projects: - Building an internet messaging app using the Facebook integration in iOS 6 - Creating a web interface in HTML5 and WebSockets - Blog posts 1 & 2 - Prototyping an implementation of OAuth 2.0 - Building a notifications service that can send SMS and e-mail to customers - Playing around with analytics data to see how they can be used to improve our products and customer service - Preparing our film service for A/B testing

Some highlights from the summer: Intro for summer students Comoyo summer interns working Comoyo summer interns socializing Meeting with all of Comoyo Lunch outside at Fornebu Summer interns final presentation

Why do a summer internship at Comoyo?

  • You get to work on real problems that one of our regular employees have to solve unless you do it
  • The stuff you build can actually go into production
  • We want you to promote your own ideas and challenge us on how we can improve our products
  • You get to work with some of the smartest people in the industry, who have extensive experience with building and running large-scale internet service
  • We work with cutting-edge technology - either we build it ourselves, or we use some of the latest things that have been released
  • You get to know our culture and can find out if this is the right place for you to work - if the answer is yes, a summer internship is the best way to get a full-time position.

Apply for a summer internship now!

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