Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest (NCPC) is considered the national championship in programming in Norway. Teams are participating from several locations; Uni. of Oslo and NTNU in Trondheim in Norway, and several universities in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. Comoyo has been lucky enough to initiate a cooperation with the student association organizing the contest at the University of Oslo, namely MAPS (Mathematics, Algorithms and Programming for Students). Since several of our employees are new graduates, we decided to run a team in the professionals class to see if we could measure up against the young and aspiring students.

The Problems

Problems are designed to test algorithm and problem-solving skills, much like the challenges we face every day at Comoyo. You’ll find the problem set in PDF here. For a more humorous approach to the problems, head over to the blog of Oda Josefine Noven, a student who have written the essay “NCPC - Reflections from a literature student” (in Norwegian).

The goal when designing the problems is that everyone should be able to solve at least one problem, and no one should be able to solve all the problems, but all the problems should be solved by someone. Matias Holte, member of NCPC problem committee Matias Holte

11:00 - Ready for action! Arriba! The team members are Vidar Klungre, Sverre Sundsdal and Tor Fredrik Eriksen.

Contest starts

11:16 - First problem solved, a pink baloon is the reward. Now thinking hard about the next one. “I mustache you a question?”

thinking about problems

11:48 - Second problem solved, now in third place of the Oslo teams. Time to switch mustaches for better luck! Switching mustaches Mustache selection

16:05 - Competition over. Spot the Comoyo! Panorama of room

We ended up in a third place amongst all the team competing in Oslo, and 16th place of the Norwegian teams. The two winner teams from Oslo will go to the regional european finals in Delft in the Netherlands on November 23-25. Winners

The results list is available here.

Hope to see you all for next years NCPC or IDI Open in the spring!

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