If you have visited our current movie store, you have probably noticed that we only sell access to one movie at a time. This can become expensive and tiresome if you’re a movie buff, so to make your life easier we will soon be launching a new product where you can watch as many movies and series episodes as you like for a fixed monthly price.

The service will be far from perfect at first, but it will be a starting point for iterations based on the feedback we get. We will actively ask you for feedback once you start testing the service, and hope to make improvements continuously after the launch.

Our long term goal is to become an internet provider of film and TV on all devices, but we still have much work to do before we get there. We want to develop our products along with the market, and launch things when they’re good enough to use, instead of working a couple of more months to try to get them “perfect”. For example, we currently have limited support for devices, but this will change in the near future.

The new subscription service will be developed entirely in-house, by people who love film and are passionate about user experience. Since we launched our first streaming service a year ago, we have learned a great deal about what kind of technology is needed to deliver a great user experience and we are now making investments that will be soon be visible.

If you want to help us on the journey to becoming the best video streaming service in the world - sign up here and we will notify you when the service is ready for testing!

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