Boost your Android app with distribution through Telenor

Ever published your app in an app store and discovered that traffic doesn’t happen by itself? Due to the 700,000 apps available in Google Play™ many great apps are lost within this app jungle and this also affects the customers who miss out on the many great but hidden apps.

We believe people should have a better way to discover apps that are relevant for them, and we want to help by promoting apps we think our customers will like and make it easy to pay for them. If you want your Android app to be promoted to all of Telenor’s customers in Norway with Android devices, read below for how to submit to the Android App Booster competition!

Pay for apps using your phone bill

Entering credit card details on a mobile phone is cumbersome. That is why customers of Telenor from early in 2013 will be able to pay for apps without registering a credit card, and instead can charge apps to their phone bill. There have been studies showing that the percentage of customers who prefer to pay for apps over their phone bill, is higher than the percentage who prefer credit cards. Speed of use and convenience seems to the be the key drivers for this preference. So if you’re developing a paid app this is great news!

A small “app store” inside Google Play

Android customers of Telenor in Norway will soon find a small “app store” with specially recommended apps for Telenor customers. This will display apps that can be helpful to them as a customer (such as apps from Telenor, Comoyo and large well-known developers), but we also want to promote apps by smaller, independent developers and startups.

For developers, this is a great chance to expose the app and drive growth, which again will influence ranking on Google Play in general. Telenor in Norway currently have close to 900.000 customers using an Android device.

Who can participate in Android App Booster Competition?

  • App must already be published in Google Play and ready to handle large customer volumes
  • App should have a clear value proposition and have demonstrated value to users
  • App can not contain violence, pornography, discrimination, or other offending content.
  • App must be developed by students, startup companies or independent developers. Established companies can have no more than 7 employees or 2 mill NOK in revenue the last year.
  • App must be made in Norway

How will my app be boosted?

  • 1 month exposure in the Telenor app store in Google Play
  • Article about app on (Unique users: ~500.000/week)
  • Promotional post on Telenor’s Facebook page (147,000 followers)
  • Post about app on Comoyo’s developer blog
  • Optional technical coaching by a member of Comoyo Engineering (app code quality, architecture, scalability etc.)

How do I participate?

Submit your app for boosting by sending an e-mail to with a max. two-page description of your app and why it is relevant to Telenor customers in Norway.

Winners are approved by a committee consisting of people from Comoyo and Telenor Norway. Deadline for submission: January 21, 2012.

Comoyo Engineering is resposible for the technical integration between Google and the operator billing APIs of the various Telenor companies worldwide. Although currently being launched in Sweden, with and Norway and Denmark coming up, the operator billing option in Google Play will be rolled out in other countries where Telenor are present.

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