Being a startup that makes things on the internet, we by definition live in the fastest changing industry ever.

We have no idea if what we’re making now will succeed, or what we will be working on in two years time. So, even though we work hard at delivering on the plans we have set, we sometimes need to lift our head and work on ideas that are not directly related to what we do every day.

Often, the things that become immensely successful were not originally intended as products, or they just started as a small idea. Great products are made up of lots of small details that together make up an whole. It is not easy to tell what these details should be, so the only way is to prototype and test it. We in Comoyo are working hard to to build a culture of constantly prototyping and testing stuff on real customers, and so we decided to devote two days to just prototyping and socializing, and conclude the whole thing with serving our own home-brewed Comoyo Christmas Beer (which didn’t get ready for Christmas):

Comoyo Christmas Beer

Some of the projects worked on during the Hackathon were: - Boxee app for our new video subscription service - Search engine for videos - Video recommendation engine based on the weather in your location (yeah, weather is a BIG deal in Norway!) - Video history for an individual user visualized in d3 - Sign-up for newsletter module built in iFrapp on our Facebook page - Prototype integration between Comoyo and Mozilla’s Persona - SMS plugin for Pidgin - A simple surveillance system using Raspberry Pi and a webcam - A tracing system using zipkin - Tetris monitoring visualization of real-time events on Comoyo film (events like playing film, a payment going through, a user logging in etc.) Monitris

If you have ideas for stuff you would like to see developed for our services, please leave a comment below! And if you want to join our next Hackathon, you can apply for a job in our team.

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