The Gathering (TG) is one of the largest nerd fests in the world, and this Easter no less than 5000 computer enthusiasts will gather in Vikingskipet at Hamar (27th - 31st of March). Of course Comoyo will be present at TG with a team of developers to act as mentors, scout for talent and get feedback on the stuff we’re working on.

The Gathering 2009

(Foto: Eirik Solheim /, 2009)

The future of apps

As our avid readers will know, Comoyo have set up a team to work with Mozilla on developing Firefox OS (FFOS). The first phones with FFOS will be launched in Telenor’s markets in Eastern Europe in second half of 2013. To make sure there are lots of cool apps for FFOS when the first phones launch, we want to encourage app developers to experiment with making HTML5 apps that run on the OS. Since most developers already know how to build stuff in HTML, the road to building web apps is very short.

Mozilla CEO visits Comoyo Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs visiting Comoyo in February 2013.

Make HTML5 app, win a Geekphone!

So, we want to use our presence at The Gathering to teach young developers how to create apps with HTML5. We have therefore announced a competition, where TG participants can battle by building the best HTML5 app for Firefox OS. Ten winners will receive a Geeksphone, a phone specially designed for developers, by a Spanish start-up company where the founder himself is a 20-year-old.


Useful Phone Utility Compo - How do I participate?

To make it easier for you to get started, we have made this blog post about how to make your first web app in 5 minutes!

Also, here is the official compo info at

Criterias for judging entries: To be truly useful, an app must make the life of the user more fun and/or simple. The app should showcase cool things that can be done with HTML5 in combination with native phone APIs. Plus for apps which has a global market potential. We have a sense of humor, and appreciate crazy ideas.

Hand-in: Entries must be delivered through the web-based compo system of TG. If you really want to make us happy, please hand in a ZIP or RAR file containing the entry itself, and a short text file (file_id.diz/.nfo/.txt) with information about the entry as well as contact info.

Originality: You have to make your own entry. This means that handing us a link to is not valid, and the same goes for any other software you have not made yourself.

Deciding a winner: The winner will be decided by a jury consisting of the Comoyo Data Boys, and Creative Lounge crew members.

Allowed languages and platforms: Your app must be developed in anything that compiles down to HTML5/Javascript/CSS, and must work on Firefox OS. You can test the app in the Firefox OS simulator, that can be downloaded as an add-on to the Firefox browser.

Deadline: Apps must be submitted by Friday 29th. before 23:59. Feel free to start developing apps before TG as well! Send us an e-mail if you get stuck.

Meet Comoyo at The Gathering

6 developers from Comoyo will be present during TG, and will be available for mentoring in making HTML5 apps and discussing our products. E-mail us if you wanna meet up!

Btw, if you’re not going to TG, you might be interested in knowing that we’re hosting the first App Day for Firefox OS in the Nordics, as part of the Web Rebels conference on May 25th..

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