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Web Rebels is a conference that was started in Oslo last year, by a group of frontend developers from the Framsia Meetup. Framsia has been the regular meeting place for frontend developers in Oslo, but a yearly conference opened the possibility of bringing in international speakers.

“Our goal has been to create an informal, but exclusive conference for people who are really dedicated to the topics we cover, interested in meeting other people and share ideas. We also wanted to create a conference which everyone in the world can attend without having to spend all their hard earned cash here in Oslo.”, says Trygve Lie, member of the organizing team and one of the founders of the conference. Conference room Web Rebels

To support the frontend community in Oslo, Comoyo is a sponsor of the conference, and several of our developers are present to share love and candy with participants. During the conference, people can come to our stand and test Geeksphones with Firefox OS on.

Comoyo team at Web Rebels

As a fourth day of the conference, on Saturday May 25th, we are also hosting an App day for developers who want to experiment with making web apps for Firefox OS. Mozilla’s evangelist Christian Heilmann will be there to talk about Mozilla’s ambitions for the OS, and our developer Jan Jongboom will give an intro to how you can build your first web app for Firefox OS. If you register an app idea you want to work on here, you can win a Geeksphone!

RSVP here if you want to take part in the app day!

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