This week, Telenor is hosting the Firefox OS work week, where 160 developers from Mozilla’s offices around the world are gathered in our headquarters at Fornebu to work together and fix bugs for the next release of the OS.

As we have written about before, Firefox OS is the first web-based operating system for smartphones, bringing the advances that are happening on the web to mobile. The first phones running Firefox were released by Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom this summer, and Telenor is set to release the first phones in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro very soon.

The goal of the work week is to fix bugs and resolve issues with the next version of Firefox OS, currently work is being done on version 1.2. The focus of this work week is Quality, and the teams are working together on improving processes for automated testing.

We’ll get back with another blog post summarizing the events of the work week after it is done, but here are some snapshots from the first day:

Firefox OS work week arriving in Fornebu

Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering at Mozilla, gives a welcome speech: Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering in Mozilla presents the goals for the work weeks

Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering in Mozilla presents the goals for the work weeks

welcome sessions for all firefox OS developers in Telenor Expo

We even took the liberty to give our visitors an introduction to Norwegian humor, playing the viral video “What does the fox say?” by Norwegian comedians Ylvis brothers: Playing What does the fox say for Firefox OS developers in Telenor Expo

The work area in Telenor Expo Café: Firefox OS work week participants in Telenor Expo cafe

Firefox OS work week meetings

Comoyo’s own Firefox OS developers, Jan Jongboom and Olav Nymoen: Comoyo developers Olav Nymoen and Jan Jongboom in firefox OS work week

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