Last Monday I wrote about the Firefox OS work week that we have hosted here at Telenor headquarters in Oslo. 160 participants cramped in a small space. 3-5 internet-connected devices each. Needsless to say, we were quite nervous about whether the WiFi network we had set up would hold. But it did! And no one fell off the boat when we took them out for a sightseeing-at-sea, despite the concerns of some Mozillians following the events on Twitter:

Twitter conversation about Mozillians on boat trip in Oslo

Having some many Mozillians here was great fun, and we all learned a lot! During the week, a lot of Telenor employees stopped by the work area (which was located next to a popular café on campus) to have a peek at what people were doing. So here is a video summarizing some the mood of the week:

The developers from Comoyo/Telenor Digital are working both on the OS itself, and looking at how Telenor can add value to phones with the OS on, by adding services such as direct operator billing, financial services and new communication services. We are launching the first devices in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro hopefully before Christmas this year, and there is a lot of excitement around the future possibilities of providing affordable smartphones to the users in Telenor markets in Asia.

The Firefox OS work week in Oslo was also appropriately timed to coincide with the viral explosion of Norwegian-made international hit “The Fox” from the Ylvis brothers. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

And this was obviously a hit at the closing party (although the DJ was somewhat resistant), here the app search engine of Firefox OS,, is demonstrated: What does the fox say on

If you are located in Oslo and you’re interested in learning more about Firefox OS, sign up for the Firefox OS meetup in Oslo to get notified about future events.

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