JavaZone is one of the biggest conferences for software developers in Scandinavia, and took place in Oslo this September. Comoyo was naturally present both in the audience and on the stage.

Below you will find videos of the presentations made by Comoyo employees. If you have any questions, feedback or any experience you want to share on these topics, please comment below.

Programming, Only Better

By Bodil Stokke

Once you realise the true enemy of software development is complexity, not waterfalls, you can start rethinking how we write our software. In her talk, Bodil shows why modern languages like Scala and Clojure may lead to fundamentally better software systems than any of yesterday’s tricks.

Programming, Only Better from JavaZone 2013.

Autoscaled Frankenstein Pipeline in the Cloud

By Markus Krüger and Leif Einar Aune

Cloud computing vastly simplifies the process of launching new servers with various configurations. This presentation tells the story of how we at Comoyo used Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3) to create our own Frankenstein monster, an automatically scaled video processing pipeline that splits the tasks across a mix of various operating systems and components.

Autoscaled Frankenstein Pipeline in the Cloud from JavaZone 2013.

Rmatch, matching many regular expressions in parallel

By Bjørn Remseth, Senior Software Engineer

This lightning talk describes Bjørn’s toy project rmatch, an efficient regular expression matching library that makes it possible to look for many matching expression in the same input, each of the expressions are connected to their own callback function.

Rmatch, matching many regular expressions in parallel from JavaZone 2013.

We look forward to next year’s Javazone and other conferences, and hope to see you there!

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