Comoyo is a product development organization, with people who want to use new Internet technology to create products & services that improve people's lives. Our products originate from ideas that our employees or customers have, and we believe that trying things out in real life is the only way to see if something works.

Comoyo is responsible for all product development of internet services for the consumer market in the Telenor Group. Our products will be sold both in the open market and through Telenor’s operators worldwide.

We want to make life on the internet easier, richer, and more fun. Our goal is to create useful services that people rely on every day. Since change is the only constant, we believe that a product is never finished – it is only a representation of users’ needs at the time.

We build products and technical infrastructure that scale and can be reused across products and countries, allowing us to roll out new services quickly. Achieving scale is important to allow us to offer our users affordable services and the best content.

Currently our focus is communication services, but we are always looking into new ventures and ideas.

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It is important to us that our users have a great experience using our products, and this philosophy drives our priorities.

We realize that software cannot excel in every area at the same time, and we will use deep domain knowledge to choose the right trade-offs.

We strive for an agile and innovative working environment, where customer experience and scalability are key factors.

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Designers, product managers and developers work together in cross-functional teams and learn from each other while developing products through rapid iterations. We want employees who are curious and eager to learn, but also structured, analytical, and disciplined.

Ask questions. Admit you don't understand things. Be open to new perspectives. Be playful and curious. From this – gain knowledge.

Torgeir Hovden, CTO Comoyo

We want to build a culture based on strong values. Here are some of them.

  1. We continuously improve our skills - by doing things, not talking or making powerpoints
  2. We constantly challenge ourselves and seek out situations and people who can challenge us
  3. According to agile principles, we don't start out with a fat spec, but make working programs in small steps. We get early feedback and adjust the direction we're going in.
  4. After each iteration, we analyze what we can learn and how we should change.
  5. We build and operate components vital to user experience. We combine open source and self-written software as appropriate, but keep competence and ability to change, improve, and adapt.
  6. We give each other direct and honest feedback about product/code quality etc. Feedback is used as an opportunity for learning and improving.
  7. No code is known by only one person. We use code reviews and pair programming to spread knowledge.

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Be an entrepreneur

You’ll get a chance to work in a startup environment while having resources to do things on a big scale.


We have flexible working hours and a flat organization based on trust and personal initiative.


We encourage people to switch projects now and then. Personal preferences, skills, and interests play a part when people are assigned to projects.


We believe that passion in what you do is the greatest motivator. Therefore, we hire people that are passionate about what they do.


We have a lot of cool stuff we want to do. Our organization is young and everyone can still shape what we will become. A single individual may make a big difference.

Badass colleagues

As a part of Comoyo, you’ll be working alongside people with previous experience from leading international internet, media, and software companies. We learn from and challenge each other every day.

Great benefits

As part of the Telenor Group, Comoyo employees enjoy great benefits such as an insurance plan, pension plan, 6 weeks vacation including Christmas and Easter, subsidized lunch with 4 canteens on campus, gym on site, discounts in a variety of stores and access to Telenor cabins all over Norway.

Our hiring process is designed to find people who fit our culture and can bring world-class skills to our team.

Who are you?

You have high standards for the work you do, are passionate about internet services and working in an ever-changing environment. You focus on finding solutions that benefit the user and are able to formulate visions about where we should go in the future.

The ideal engineering candidate has product development experience building dependable, large scale distributed software systems. In addition to excellent problem solving skills, candidates should have strong algorithm skills and be proficient in all areas of software development – analysis, design, implementation, test, performance tuning, debugging, and operations. Attitude, guts, interests and willingness to learn can compensate for lack of skills / experience. New grads are encouraged to apply.

The process

  1. You submit your resume.
  2. Your application is reviewed (by some of our developers for Engineering positions).
  3. If you're applying to an Engineering position, you might be asked to do a programming task for a real-world scenario, or give examples in the form of relevant contributions to e.g. open source projects.
  4. If your application is successful, you will be invited to interview (In person, over video / Skype).
  5. An offer or rejection is given.

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