On November 7.- 8., Brendan Eich, Mozilla co-founder and CTO, and the creator of JavaScript, visited our headquarters at Fornebu for the Digital Winners conference.

During the conference he talked about “Firefox OS: The Web as an Open Platform for Innovation and Consumer Choice”. We were lucky enough to get some of his time to talk about some technical topics that are currently being discussed in the the JavaScript community. We in Comoyo ae closely following developments in the WebRTC codec debate, as we’re working on video conferencing in the browser with appear.in.

Brendan also did a talk in Oslo’s biggest JavaScript meetup, Framsia, which was fully booked as Oslo’s geeks gathered to hear about the future of JavaScript.

In case you missed it, here are the slides


JavaZone is one of the biggest conferences for software developers in Scandinavia, and took place in Oslo this September. Comoyo was naturally present both in the audience and on the stage.

Below you will find videos of the presentations made by Comoyo employees. If you have any questions, feedback or any experience you want to share on these topics, please comment below.

Programming, Only Better

By Bodil Stokke

Once you realise the true enemy of software development is complexity, not waterfalls, you can start rethinking how we write our software. In her talk, Bodil shows why modern languages like Scala and Clojure may lead to fundamentally better software systems than any of yesterday’s tricks.

Programming, Only Better from JavaZone 2013.

Autoscaled Frankenstein Pipeline in the Cloud

By Markus Krüger and Leif Einar Aune

Cloud computing vastly simplifies the process of launching new servers with various configurations. This presentation tells the story of how we at Comoyo used Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3) to create our own Frankenstein monster, an automatically scaled video processing pipeline that splits the tasks across a mix of various operating systems and components.

Autoscaled Frankenstein Pipeline in the Cloud from JavaZone 2013.

Rmatch, matching many regular expressions in parallel

By Bjørn Remseth, Senior Software Engineer

This lightning talk describes Bjørn’s toy project rmatch, an efficient regular expression matching library that makes it possible to look for many matching expression in the same input, each of the expressions are connected to their own callback function.

Rmatch, matching many regular expressions in parallel from JavaZone 2013.

We look forward to next year’s Javazone and other conferences, and hope to see you there!


Last Monday I wrote about the Firefox OS work week that we have hosted here at Telenor headquarters in Oslo. 160 participants cramped in a small space. 3-5 internet-connected devices each. Needsless to say, we were quite nervous about whether the WiFi network we had set up would hold. But it did! And no one fell off the boat when we took them out for a sightseeing-at-sea, despite the concerns of some Mozillians following the events on Twitter:

Twitter conversation about Mozillians on boat trip in Oslo

Having some many Mozillians here was great fun, and we all learned a lot! During the week, a lot of Telenor employees stopped by the work area (which was located next to a popular café on campus) to have a peek at what people were doing. So here is a video summarizing some the mood of the week:

The developers from Comoyo/Telenor Digital are working both on the OS itself, and looking at how Telenor can add value to phones with the OS on, by adding services such as direct operator billing, financial services and new communication services. We are launching the first devices in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro hopefully before Christmas this year, and there is a lot of excitement around the future possibilities of providing affordable smartphones to the users in Telenor markets in Asia.

The Firefox OS work week in Oslo was also appropriately timed to coincide with the viral explosion of Norwegian-made international hit “The Fox” from the Ylvis brothers. If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is:

And this was obviously a hit at the closing party (although the DJ was somewhat resistant), here the app search engine of Firefox OS, everything.me, is demonstrated: What does the fox say on everything.me

If you are located in Oslo and you’re interested in learning more about Firefox OS, sign up for the Firefox OS meetup in Oslo to get notified about future events.


This week, Telenor is hosting the Firefox OS work week, where 160 developers from Mozilla’s offices around the world are gathered in our headquarters at Fornebu to work together and fix bugs for the next release of the OS.

As we have written about before, Firefox OS is the first web-based operating system for smartphones, bringing the advances that are happening on the web to mobile. The first phones running Firefox were released by Telefonica and Deutsche Telecom this summer, and Telenor is set to release the first phones in Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro very soon.

The goal of the work week is to fix bugs and resolve issues with the next version of Firefox OS, currently work is being done on version 1.2. The focus of this work week is Quality, and the teams are working together on improving processes for automated testing.

We’ll get back with another blog post summarizing the events of the work week after it is done, but here are some snapshots from the first day:

Firefox OS work week arriving in Fornebu

Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering at Mozilla, gives a welcome speech: Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering in Mozilla presents the goals for the work weeks

Andreas Gal, VP of Mobile Engineering in Mozilla presents the goals for the work weeks

welcome sessions for all firefox OS developers in Telenor Expo

We even took the liberty to give our visitors an introduction to Norwegian humor, playing the viral video “What does the fox say?” by Norwegian comedians Ylvis brothers: Playing What does the fox say for Firefox OS developers in Telenor Expo

The work area in Telenor Expo Café: Firefox OS work week participants in Telenor Expo cafe

Firefox OS work week meetings

Comoyo’s own Firefox OS developers, Jan Jongboom and Olav Nymoen: Comoyo developers Olav Nymoen and Jan Jongboom in firefox OS work week